Sports clubs

Hippos2020 will double the area’s sports facilities. The facilities will be built to be modifiable. The utilisation rates of the facilities will improve and the unit prices will go down.

The Hippos2020 facilities, services and cluster with its ancillary services will offer plenty of new opportunities for sports clubs to develop their activities and earnings.

The aim of Hippos2020 is to triple the number of visits in the area to 5 million annually. Sports clubs play a key role in reaching this goal, because the clubs move people. Hippos2020 is a modern platform for the clubs’ operation and growth.

Sports clubs are major daily operators in getting people to move. Jyväskylä will do its utmost to ensure that sports clubs and other sports operators can operate better than ever at the new Hippos.

Timo Koivisto

Mayor of Jyväskylä


  • The sports facilities will double in size
  • The quality and usability of the facilities will improve
  • Only reasonable increases will be made to the user fees
  • New parties to split the user fees
  • The city will support exercising with €5,5 million per year
  • The Culture and Sports Board will decide on awarding subsidies to different sports

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