Hippos2020 is an excellent operating environment for internationally high-quality research, development and innovations.

Sami Kalaja

Director of the Research Institute for Olympic Sports KIHU

Researcher and product developer

You will conduct your research, tests and development work at Liikunnan Tietotalo within a network of top-level experts and the latest digital environment in the field.

  • Hippos2020 will function as a home base for researchers, product developers, trainers, educators, clubs, sport-specific associations and businesses that produce wellbeing technology and services.
  • The Hippos2020 network of exercise, sports, wellbeing and the field’s research will be an internationally unique Silicon Valley of sports and wellbeing.
  • Hippos2020 will offer a top-level sports laboratory’s research and testing services, as well as a diverse “field test” environment.
  • The University of Jyväskylä (JYU)/the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, the Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU), the Finnish Olympic Committee, the Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (LIKES), and the University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) will form the core of this centre of expertise.


  • Research
  • Product development
  • Sports laboratory
  • A network of networks
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