Hippos2020 will offer internationally unique preconditions and sports facilities for the development of sport-scientific research and education.

Lasse Kannas

thr Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, JYU

The centre of expertise for research and education

The Finnish top-level expertise in training, research and education related to exercise and sports is concentrated in Jyväskylä. The University of Jyväskylä has the only faculty of sport and health sciences in Finland.

  • The faculty’s mission is to promote health through exercise among the population.
  • The focal points in the University’s teaching and research are exercise, wellbeing and teacher training.
  • Sports medicine studies the relationship between exercise and illness, thus promoting human health and wellbeing.
  • Hippos2020 will be a place of sports and sports medicine education, where PE teachers, trainers, researchers, sports medicine professionals, sports medicine physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutrition experts and body care providers train.
  • There are 1,400 students of sport and health sciences in Jyväskylä. The Hippos2020 facilities, environments and operators will provide new opportunities for their education.
  • Sport scientific research is now part of two multidisciplinary centres of expertise: Children, youth and growing environments, as well as Aging and wellbeing.
  • Examples of multidisciplinary research, development and piloting in sports technology include robotisation that aids people in their daily activities, remote rehabilitation of the aging population, electronic health checks and promotion of self-care.
  • Hippos2020 will be part of the entire Central Finland’s centre of wellbeing expertise, covering research, product development and education extensively. Operators in this centre of expertise include the University of Jyväskylä, the University of Eastern Finland, the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, the Jyväskylä Municipal Federation of Education, the Central Finland Health Care District and the Central Finland Social Sector’s Centre of Expertise.
  • Hippos2020 will bring together the top-level operators in sports, health promotion and wellbeing, and build a uniquely strong centre of expertise in Jyväskylä.

Hippos2020 provides new kinds of opportunities for experimental, investigative and evolving development of an exercise and sports culture.

Lasse Kannas

the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, JYU

As a development platform, Hippos2020 will enable a new way of providing education, promoting entrepreneurship and performing customer-oriented research, development and service work together with the network. The operation at Hippos offers significant support to JAMK’s strategy, particularly its strength in the multidisciplinary rehabilitation field and development of digital higher education.

Jussi Halttunen



Internationally unique

  • The centre of expertise will conduct research and make the latest methods available to all, and provide education for the professionals in exercise, wellbeing, health promotion and sports.
  • Hippos2020 will function as a so-called master training centre for the highest level education of these professionals.
  • The Liikunnan Tietotalo building, which will be constructed in the area, together with JYU’s sports laboratory will be the brain and heart of research and product development.
  • The key operators will collect data from exercise as well as from all sports clubs and associations and analyse it. The sports and wellbeing cluster will use this data to produce useful information for society on exercising, sports, wellbeing, rehabilitation and learning.
  • In Kukkula near Hippos, a new €700 million central hospital will be constructed. The collaboration between the operators of Hippos2020 and those of the central hospital creates excellent new opportunities for exercise-based rehabilitation and rehabilitation research.
  • The centre of expertise will offer businesses that focus on exercise, sports, wellbeing and their technology a strong network and a modern, inspiring operating environment. Hippos2020 is also the right starting place for start-ups that produce services and technology in the fields of sports and wellbeing.
  • The close cooperation between the operators at the centre of expertise in research, product development and innovation combined with effective commercialisation will produce financially significant results with products, methods and services.

Hippos2020 will be a unique platform for sports and sport innovations. At Hippos, you can see and experience the core and emotions of elite sports, as well as the research conducted on the backgrounds of the results.

Eino Havas

Director of LIKES,
the Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health

Strong core operators

  • The core operators of Hippos2020 – JYU/the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, LIKES, KIHU, the Finnish Olympic Committee and JAMK – possess top-level expertise.
  • The Finnish top-level expertise in training, research and education related to exercise and sport will become even more concentrated in Jyväskylä in the future.
  • Jyväskylä will strengthen its status as the cradle of education in sports and training pedagogy, and teaching these skills.
  • Combining multiple disciplines will open up countless opportunities for promoting exercise, wellbeing and public health.

The construction of a new and modern sports and health laboratory, at the heart of the Hippos2020 area, will offer magnificent opportunities for high-quality research in sports, health and exercise promotion.

Lasse Kannas

the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, JYU

The School of Health and Social Studies at JAMK trains top-level health and welfare experts, conducts international-level research and development work, and with its business is one of the leaders in fields such as education export. Our strengths include motivated students and skilful staff, in both theory and practical application. As a development platform, Hippos2020 will function as an excellent place for current and future professionals to meet and continue to develop.

Pertti Malkki

Director of the School of Health and Social Studies, JAMK


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