The research in this field is crucial to our business

Juho Tuppurainen

Vice President of Firstbeat Technologies Ltd.

Entrepreneur and businesses

Hippos2020 will become a busy center for businesses operating in the field of exercise, sports, wellbeing and health, with a network that produces leading research data, product development and innovations. Jyväskylä forms a powerful centre of expertise in exercise, sports, wellbeing and health. Hippos2020 will combine that with a strong business knowhow. Hippos2020 will create new success stories.

Businesses at Hippos can establish themselves in the arena’s business center. Hippos2020 is searching for businesses that produce services or technology related to exercise, sports, wellbeing and health. The aim is to produce solid added value for businesses using the center of expertise network. Hippos2020 will be the right location for both successful businesses and new start-ups.

JYU’s Sports and Health Laboratory, the Research Institute for Olympic Sports (KIHU) and the Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (LIKES) will provide their strong research expertise, functioning as the core operators. In addition, there will be close cooperation between JAMK and the new central hospital Nova that will be built nearby. Hippos2020 will be part of Central Finland’s extensive centre of wellbeing expertise.

The arena’s business centre is searching for a grocery retailer, specialty retailers, restaurants, and an activities park operator, among others.

Hippos2020 will be an urban center in a lively city environment. Jyväskylä’s Hippos will be easy to reach. Hippos2020 is aiming for large customer volumes, because the area’s goal is 5 million visits a year. One example of the customer groups of the Hippos2020 businesses are parents who bring their children daily to their hobbies and spend time in the area.

Megatrends and large-scale markets

  • Digital health and wellbeing are global megatrends.
  • Consumers, businesses, mutual pension insurance companies and social operators are making increasing investments into wellbeing and health.
  • According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, there is a market worth at least €5.5 billion annually for business related to exercise in Finland.
  • Hippos2020 will be a superb environment for growing the industry’s market. The focus will lie on preventive development of wellbeing and health promotion.
  • Hippos2020 will bring together the field’s best experts in an operating environment. The Arena business center, which will be built in the center of the area, will be the heart of sports and wellbeing knowhow. It will include a network of networks that covers knowhow in exercise, sports and wellbeing.
  • Hippos2020 will create new success stories.
  • Hippos2020 is searching for the best operators to join the network. Hippos2020 will be a development leader.


  • A network of networks will be created in Arena business center
  • A living center for sports and wellbeing businesses
  • The business center at the arena will be over 30 000 m2 in size
  • A multifunctional arena of over 30 000 m2 that can hold over 6,500 spectators
  • 5 million visits
  • 1000 jobs
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