Combining the conditions and expertise with daily training, the way that the Hippos2020 project does, is the core of Finnish success in elite sports. Only solutions like this can enable the constant cooperation and mutual learning between the best experts.

Mika Kojonkoski

Head of the Finnish Olympic Committee's Elite Sports Department

Elite sports expertise and conditions

  • Hippos2020 will combine the conditions and expertise required by elite sports with daily training.
  • Its modifiable facilities are suitable for training and recovery, competing and research.
  • Smart learning and training environments will quickly provide feedback to the user in the form of a complete information package.
  • The area’s digital platform can be used by anyone. Hippos2020 will collect, process and analyse data in a centralised manner using Big Data .
  • The users of Hippos2020 will consist of athletes, trainers, support persons, teams and active exercisers from Finland and abroad.
  • Hippos2020 will be the most high-quality centre of measuring, testing, as well as physical and skill-oriented training in Finland, “a Master Olympic Training Centre.”
  • For the Central Finnish sports clubs and their members, Hippos2020 will create a competitive advantage both unique and functional. Jyväskylä will follow its strategy and continue to be a true sports city!


  • Modifiable facilities
  • Expertise
  • Big Data
  • Master Olympic Training Centre
  • Urban environment
  • Development of sports clubs

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