Having a dynamic environment is important. In a changing environment, the new inventions in daily exercising will also develop. Constant structures create a framework and human ingenuity, in return, will create interesting and changing content for these.

Eino Havas

Director of LIKES,
the Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health

Casual exerciser

  • The Hippos2020 facilities and services will cover the entire human lifespan from infants to seniors.
  • The facilities will be easy to use and will offer casual exercisers low-threshold places to test their fitness level. A visit to Hippos is always an experience.
  • Walk-in concepts will be constructed for wellbeing, body care and rehabilitation purposes. People are increasingly interested in their own bodies and gaining more information on them, as well as on promoting their own health and wellbeing.
  • You can spend quality time at the sports field with your family or your guests.
  • At Hippos2020, the typical visitor will be a casual exerciser who will have access to solutions that promote their own wellbeing.
  • The sports clubs do valuable work on getting children, young people and adults to move. Hippos2020 will provide many new opportunities for the sports clubs’ operation.
  • Already more than 100 clubs operate at Hippos, with training and competitions organised in over 20 sports. In the future, the number of sports will increase.
  • Currently, Hippos receives more than 1.6 million visits every year. Hippos2020 aims to triple this number to 5 million.


  • Casual exercisers will form the largest user group of Hippos2020
  • Will cover the entire human lifespan
  • The goal is to have 5 million annual visits
  • Walk-in tests
  • New opportunities for sports clubs
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